Why Google’s Advertising Platform Is one of the Best Digital Channels for Your Business

One thing our society has in common is that we’re all consumers. Today, whether we need ingredients for a new banana bread recipe or a new car to launch our drive-sharing career, most of us start the buying process by looking online. Another thing we have in common is dependence on predictive search. We prefer to type only a few words into a search box and let Google do the rest.

As of October 2018, Google has a 98.7% market share in the Search space with over 3.5 billion searches each day. Because of this high search frequency, Google mainly relies on its ad space through Google Ads to generate revenue. In fact, the majority of Google’s $110.8 billion revenue in 2017 came from advertisers jockeying for the highest search results in an effort to outbid one another. It’s simple: users click, advertiser pays, Google prospers.

Mobile Takes the Lead

Since 2017, Mobile Search has been used to a much greater extent than desktop and tablets combined. Search Engine Land reports 67% of all searches now occur via mobile. The challenge is how to show up above the competition when an average mobile search results in four to six paid ad impressions. Unless a business bids on its own name within Google Ads, they risk not being seen in any paid position at all. Compared to a desktop screen where the viewing area is much larger, mobile usage is naturally about scrolling to scan a page’s content. The ongoing challenge is how to show up above the competition, but luckily this is a specialty amongst Digital Agencies.

Since paid Search marketing doesn’t require a hefty upfront cost to get started, budgets can be carefully stretched to yield favorable results. With a cost of only $673, a branded paid Search campaign for one of our restaurant clients resulted in 3,264 Restaurant Visits in February 2019. Digging further into the results, we found that Mobile made up 85% of all Clicks just in this campaign alone. On top of everything else, our client experienced a staggering 5,069 Conversions that included phone calls to the business, directions, menu views, and orders.

Paid Search is a necessity. We firmly believe, if you can only do one form of marketing, this is the holy grail.

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