Instagram Places Stories in News Feed to Grow Engagement

Instagram is currently testing out a new redesign of its news feed. Some users are noticing now as they scroll through their news feed that the Instagram Stories bar is not only at the top of the feed, but also squished in between posts. It’s all a part of Instagram’s strategic plan to raise engagement for the platform’s Stories feature that has become tremendously popular since its release in August 2016.

Recently, Facebook reported its Q3 earnings, which included Instagram and its daily active users. As of now, Instagram has 500 million daily active users with 300 million of those users on Instagram Stories.

It’s no surprise Instagram is aiming to grow its user base for both its platform and its Stories feature. But, it’s interesting that this push is coming in so strong after Snapchat reported its 173 million daily active users back in Q2, and is getting ready to report its Q3. Instagram Stories already has almost twice as many daily active users, so it has nothing to fear, right?

Not quite.

Though Instagram has the larger fan base, Snapchat is still the most popular app for Gen Z and is attracting more advertisers than its competitor. Despite its slowing user growth, Snapchat is still standing strong, and that is making it difficult for Instagram to grow more. For both of these photo/video sharing platforms, the competition between them is still strong; and, as one copies another, it’ll take much more than simple tweaks and add-ons to make one the true winner.


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