ScreenShop is the Future of Shopping

It’s no surprise that Kim Kardashian has released a new business venture. After the success of her app, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, and KKW Beauty, the reality star has proven that she can turn pretty much anything into gold. So, to add to her business empire, Kim has introduced a new app, called ScreenShop.

The concept is easy: shop your screenshots.

Think of it as the “Shazam for your outfits.” All you do is take a screenshot of an outfit you like, place the outfit into the app, and let the app find similar items for you. The best part is that it actually works! We tried it out for ourselves, and received the results we wanted for the most part. However, we noticed that many of the same websites pop up for results, which could be because the app came out today and needs some time to expand its search. But, we are totally satisfied with it, and believe that it has the potential to change how we shop.

Now, we never have to aimlessly shop on a website or drive all the way to the closest mall. If we ever run into an outfit, we can search for the look and buy it instantly. It’s so simple.

Before ScreenShop, there was only one kind of app like this, which was, an app where you shop your screenshots (of your favorite influencers). This meant that only photos uploaded to the app could be searched and not any regular screenshot, which limits itself and creates confusion.

With ScreenShop, we cannot wait to see how it will grow. We’re hoping that it will add a closet feature where you can put together outfits from saved items or be able to search more than only outfits such as furniture and recipes. Besides that, we’re very impressed with this.

Great job (again), Kim Kardashian.


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