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We challenged our designers to take this ICONIC Swedish furniture brand and add some unique flare. Which reimagining is your favorite?

Despite what you may have heard, TikTok is not only for kids. There’s many adults to reach on the platform as well, but their behavior differs overall. The most interesting thing about them is they seem to be silent watchers rather than participants. Swipe to see the data!
Believe it or not, we did all of this in March 💯
If you’re big on the fitness lifestyle, you’ve likely heard of @classpass. They’ve broken into the industry as the leading fitness and wellness membership app, allowing users to book thousands of fitness, salon, and spa appointments. 

Now that they’ve conquered the fitness space, however, they’re about to jump into their next conquest…FOOD!

According to PR Newswire, “The introduction of food and beverage options on ClassPass will allow members to seamlessly integrate healthy snacks and meals into their wellness routines in select cities. Whether it's a post workout smoothie or hearty lunch, ClassPass members can take their self-care routines to new levels at various participating food & beverage locations, with additional participants and cities rolling out in the coming months.”

Do you use ClassPass and are you excited to pick up your smoothie after pilates?

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