Before we get started we always do a DEEP DIVE into our client’s existing brand, customers, strategy, and goals. Here are the top ten questions we tend to ask new clients:

  1. What CRM is being used to collect customer data?
  2. What POS system is being used and is it being used effectively?
  3. What resources are you currently using to draw insights?
  4. Have you done any customer surveys or persona development?
  5. Are you working with a creative agency or do you have an in-house designer who helps with creative?
  6. What kind of data has historically informed your creative direction?
  7. What does your current marketing mix look like?
  8. Have you performed any kind of regression analysis to determine if your ad spend is generating sales growth?
  9. Can we get access to your per-location sales over the last year with a breakdown of in-store, online, and 3rd party delivery revenue?
  10. What are your main KPIs and growth plans?

After we’ve done our due diligence, Brandtailers’ Full-Service approach looks like this:

Step 1: Research & Planning

  • Customer Research, Surveys, User Data Collection, and Guest Analysis
  • Company/Employee Insights
  • Competitive, Gap, and Existing Media Mix Analysis
  • CRM Analysis and Insights
  • Audience Development and Segmentation
  • Creative Messaging & Strategy
  • Media Mix Modeling and Budgeting
  • 1st Party Data Strategy

Step 2: Execution

  • Rebranding or Brand Optimization based on Research
  • Creative Execution
  • Media Channel Onboarding
  • Business Listing Optimization
  • Tech Stack Integration
    • CRM, POS, Website, Media Platform and Reporting Integration

Step 3: Growth Management

  • Campaign Launches and Media Management
  • NSO Strategies and Management
  • Daily Campaign Optimizations
  • Real-Time Analysis and Message Refinement
  • Social Listening
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Per-Location Measurement
  • Foot Traffic Attribution
  • Online Sales Measurement