Data & Measurement

Measure and optimize your marketing spend with a holistic view of campaign performance. We provide a centralized dashboard that integrates your sales, traffic, and marketing initiatives.

  • Sales and Traffic Data by Location

  • Multi-Channel Campaign Attribution
  • Forecast Models for Predictive Analytics
  • User Journey Analysis and Website Metrics
  • Audience Insights and Segment Performance
  • Sales and Labor KPIs
  • Target Revenue by Location

MMM & Regression Analysis

The relationship between where you advertise and what you advertise has never been more important. Understand where your marketing dollars have the most impact while factoring in external influences like promotions, seasonality, press coverage, and more with Media Mix Modeling.

Full-Funnel Attribution

Access funnel and path exploration reports that track engagements across the entire customer journey. We map back conversions and analyze interactions across the entire customer journey, allowing you to minimize wasted media spend and increase performance on converting channels.

A/B Audience and Creative Testing

Whether it’s testing an offer against a non-offer, lifestyle against food-focused imagery, or just slight variations in copy, we believe a good digital strategy always incorporates detailed A/B testing.

Online and Offline Measurement

Measure online conversions with confidence and accuracy through your customized Growth Dashboard, as well as track new and returning visitors by location for a clear view of what messages are driving in-store traffic.

Expanded Media Measurement

Reach customers beyond standard digital channels with CTV, Audio, In-Game, and DOOH advertising. Media Mix Modeling techniques will help determine the optimal media strategy at both the brand-level and location-level.

Actionable, Data-Driven Insights

Turn data into stories and insights that can be used to drive growth. Along with our suite of AI reporting tools, we use our detailed knowledge of the industry to deliver actionable insights based on real-time performance metrics.

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